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At IAVL, we believe in attracting, developing, and empowering talent. Our parentage of two reputed companies, IndianOil and APSEZ, helps us to combine world-class global HR practices and training programs to suit local needs.

With continuous training at the core of IAVL's ethos, we offer tailor-made programs for employees at all levels. From comprehensive induction for trainees to strategic leadership initiatives for top management, we ensure a supportive learning environment, robust processes, and a leadership style that fosters continuous growth, solidifying IAVL's standing as a learning organization. As an equal opportunity employer, we follow a transparent objective-based performance management system, which links financial incentives to performance for our employees.

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Sachin Naik

Dy. General Manager – Maintenance Incharge (Goa Terminal)

I began my Career as a Trainee in Goa Terminal, and over the years, I had the privilege of witnessing and contributing to the remarkable growth and development of Indian Oil Adani Ventures Private Limited (IAVL).

From Day One, it was evident that IAVL management’s commitment towards HSSE was unwavering which has also instilled a sense of responsibility and awareness among all its employees. In addition to HSSE, IAVL’s HR policies and core values are a testament to their dedication to nurturing and developing their employees. IAVL provides ample opportunities for training, growth and career progression. My own journey is a prime example of this as I received extensive support, mentorship and opportunities from my leaders which resulted in my steady progression to the current role as Head of Department. IAVL ensures that hard & smart work with dedication are timely recognized and rewarded.

IAVL’s strong focus on HSSE, supportive HR policies, and steadfast commitment to its core values has not only helped me grow professionally but also instilled in me a deep sense of pride and loyalty to the organization. I look forward to continued success and collaboration as we work together to achieve new heights in the coming days.

Shivee Rathore

Associate Manager Navghar Terminal

I really feel proud and fortunate to be a part of the IAVL family.
The culture and environment here at IAVL is very friendly and
encouraging for the employees with deep roots of belief in
gender equality, women empowerment and transparency
in each and every field of work. It really is a family where
everyone is taken care of and given sufficient opportunities
for individual development through enrichment of knowledge
and skills which help to achieve the company’s goals.

Vivek Chandrashekar


Fresh out of college, I jumped on board with Indian Oiltanking Ltd., now known as IndianOil Adani Ventures Limited. In the initial stages of my career, as a Graduate Engineer Trainee, I was introduced to the dynamic world of liquid bulk-storage and distribution, where I gained a diversified and hands-on exposure that shaped my career in ways, I could not have foreseen.

My role in the company, at the terminalling facility -Navghar, allowed me to explore various facets of the liquid bulk-storage industry. I found myself working in different locations within the operational cycle, each offering a unique set of challenges and learning opportunities. As an engineer, I was responsible for tasks in tank farms, tank-wagon gantry, tank-lorry facility, and even had the chance to act as a loading master during ocean tanker loading and discharge operations. This experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain within the industry.

As I continued to grow within the company, I was entrusted with the responsibility of leading various projects within the terminal. This marked a significant turning point in my career. Moving away from my role as a core field operator, I delved into project management, which included overseeing activities from conceptualization to execution. This encompassed vital tasks such as providing technical support to the design engineers, managing procurement, conducting stage inspections, scheduling, monitoring progress, site management, and planning manpower requirements. With time and experience, I became adept at handling multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring smooth collaboration among various departments for successful project delivery. This transition expanded my skill set, fostering the development of a broad range of competencies.

Opportunity knocked again when I came across an internal job posting in the realm of business development. Initially, I was apprehensive, as I have always identified myself as an introvert. However, with the guidance of exceptional mentors, I ventured into this new domain. It was in this role that I learned the essence of leadership, honed my communication skills, and cultivated a deep understanding of the business landscape. This transformation was nothing short of remarkable and played a pivotal role in shaping my identity today.

The terminalling business is a continually evolving landscape, and I aspire to remain at the forefront of new developments. My journey from a Graduate Engineer Trainee to Business Development & Commercial has been one marked by transformation, learning, and growth. I have come to understand that, in the dynamic world of liquid bulk-storage and distribution, adaptability and a curious spirit to venture into uncharted waters are essential attributes for success.

In the coming years, I am committed to continuing this voyage of self-discovery, embracing every opportunity for personal and professional growth, and staying attuned to the ever-changing tides of the industry. The horizon is filled with untapped potential, and I am genuinely excited to engage in the exciting developments that are on the horizon within the terminalling sector.

It goes without saying, I am deeply thankful for our exceptional leadership team and amazing colleagues. The journey has been my personal 'masterclass in learning from the best,' and I wouldn't have it any other way.”