At IAVL, we have established our prowess in creating large-scale terminalling solutions for our clients. Over the years we have carved our niche by offering specialised business models to suit their requirements.

Flexible Business Model

At IAVL, we have more than two million kilolitres of storage capacity.

We offer our customers a variety of ownership and operational business models by combining competencies in terminal operations and EPC across India. We have six strategically placed terminals in India through Independent, Exclusive, Shared usage and Operations & Maintenance models.

Our flexible models make us a preferred partner for storage, and we offer tailor-made services to suit client requirements.

Keeping pace with the future of sustainable energy sources, we also operate in alternate fuels, as demonstrated at its Compressed Biogas (CBG) plant at Namakkal (Tamilnadu), becoming one of the early responders to the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas’ initiative for alternate fuels to fulfil India’s demand for transportation needs.

Our Projects

IAVL terminals offer internationally benchmarked standards in all operations. Our successful handling of crude, petroleum products, aviation fuel and bulk LPG gas gives us the advantage of being an experienced and established storage provider for this sector.

World-class automation, active fire protection measures along with stringent Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) control management makes us a vendor of choice for our customers. Our key projects in the following locations highlight the spectrum of services offered by our Terminalling business:

Navghar Terminal

Navghar Terminal is India’s first truly open access independent terminal that handles the oil industry’s requirement for export and coastal movement

  • Location: Navghar (Mumbai)
  • Commencement: 1998
  • Capacity: 250 TKL, 17 tanks
  • Products handled: MS, HSD, Naphtha, FO, Ethanol, LSHS
  • Flexible receipt & dispatch modes: Ship, Rail, Truck and pipeline
  • 13kms 2x24” jetty lines
  • Fully automated operations
  • Serves all major PSU and private players
Raipur Terminal

India’s first In-land Common User Terminal for two leading Public Sector Oil Companies

Location: Raipur
Common User Terminal
Capacity: 211 TKL, 19 Tanks
Products handled: MS, HSD, SKO, ATF, Ethanol, & Furnace Oil
Long-term services agreement
Flexible receipt & dispatch modes: Rail, Truck and pipeline
Connected to the East Coast of India through Paradip Raipur Pipeline
ISO 9001:14001, 45000, 50001

Paradip BOOT Project

India’s first Integrated Refinery Crude and Product Tankfarm on Bulid-Own-Operate-Transfer basis:

  • Location: Paradip
  • Capacity: 1875 TKL, 61 Tanks
  • Product handled: Crude, LPG, Sulphur, MS, HSD, SKO, ATF, Propylene
  • 15-year BOOT Agreement
  • Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance by IAVL.
  • Oil Jetty (O&M)- 361 metre in length, the dimensions of utilities are Service Platform (55m x 30m), LOA:260 M & Min LOA: 95M)
ZIAVL Terminal

Zuari IndianOil Adani Ventures – Goa Terminal is an Open access Terminal that plays a critical role in the distribution of petroleum products across the State

Location: Goa
50:50 JV between IAVL and Zuari Industries Limited
Capacity: 71 TKL, 9 Tanks
Product handled: MS, HSD, Ethanol
Fully Automated Loading and Tank Farm Operations
Receipt by Pipeline and Dispatch by Trucks
14kms, 20” Jetty Line
Vadodara White Oil Terminal

Commissioned in 2001, the terminal is spread over an area of 48 acres and caters to Gujarat, MP & Maharastra region.

  • Location: Dumad, Dist: Vadodara
  • Built-in 1999 (BO model)
  • Capacity: 74 TKL, 13 tanks 
  • Products handled: MS, HSD, SKO, Ethanol, Biodiesel, ATF

JNPT Terminal of Indian Oil Corporation Limited commissioned in May 2000, is operating in accordance with the provisions of licenses and consents granted by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India, Chief Inspector of Factories, Navi Mumbai and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board & as per the various regulatory statutory acts and rules of Govt. of India and Maharashtra. The Terminal supplies Petroleum Products to Retail Outlets and consumers across Mumbai, through Tank trucks and also supplies Product to Vashi Terminal, through JNPT-VASHI Pipeline (JVPL).

  • Location:  JNPT
  • Capacity: 108 TKL, 11 tanks 
  • Product handled:  MS, HSD, SKO, ATF, Ethanol
  • Built by IOC in 2000
LPG Facility, South Oil Jetty, Paradip
  • Cater to new IOCL import terminal commissioned in 2023
  • Products handled: Propane and Butane
  • Product unloaded from ship at sub-zero temperature through marine loading arms
  • Product pumped through 16-inch cross-country pipelines
Paradip Crude, POL and Petchem
  • Built in 2023
  • Capacity: 48 TKL, 9 tanks
  • Products handled: Mono Ethylene Glycol, Di Ethylene Glycol and Tri-Ethylene Glycol
IOCL Panipat Tankfarm

Panipat Tank farm Project (IAV Urja Services Limited ) is a BOOT project for liquid storage facility for IOCL Panipat refinery. The tank farm will offer storage facility for intermediate products, finished products, lubricants base oil as well as pressurized storage in the form of bullets. The storage facility is designed to support the Panipat refinery and petrochemical complex expansion from 15 to 25 million tonnes per year. The construction of tank farm will support the refinery in improving its operational flexibility as well as in increasing production of petrochemicals and speciality products.

  • BOOT Terminal
  • Storage type: Captive
  • Capacity: 819 TKL, 45 tanks and 11 bullets
  • Products to be handled include: NHT Feed, Reformate, Isomerate, VGO Feed, INDMAX Feed, INDMAX gasoline, DHDT Feed, RHCU  Feed, CDW feed, MS, HSD, Naphtha, LOBS, LPG, Propylene
NRL COIT Project

NRL COIT Project (IAV Utkarsh Limited ) is a BOOT project for 10 crude storage tanks. It offers storage facility to support refinery expansion of North- East India. Crude Oil for the refinery will be pumped through 1600 kms of pipeline running from NRL, Paradip crude oil terminal to the NRL refinery, Numaligarh in the state of Assam

  • BOOT Terminal
  • Storage type: Captive
  • Capacity: 600 TKL, 10 tanks
  • Products to be handled include: Crude Oil
  • Design, engineering, construction, commissioning, operations and  maintainance by IAVL
CPCL LPG Terminal and Bottling Plant

Chennai: Chennai Petroleum Corporation Refinery Limited (CPCL) – LPG Terminal was a Bulk LPG and Bottling facilities that handle and bottle the entire LPG produced by Chennai Petroleum Corporation Refinery with BOOT contract

  • Location: Manali (Chennai)
  • Capacity:  4 x 1200 MT Mounted Storage Vessels
  • Products handled: MS, HSD, Naphtha, LSHS(P), FO
  • 10 years BOOT for LPG terminal from 2003 to 2013, operation & maintenance services thereafter
  • 10 years BOOT for LPG Bottling Plant from 2008 to 2018
  • Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance by IAVL
  • Pipeline link to Refinery
  • 8 Bay Truck Loading Facilities
  • 2 electronic carousels to fill 30,000 Cylinders/ Day
  • Successfully transferred the facility to the customer in 2018 at the end of the BOOT period